Additional Requirements for Minors (under 18′s)

For children under 18 applying for a visa to Russia additional documentation may be required.  The details listed below are intended as a guide only and are subject to change.  We recommend that you contact us for the most up to date information before sending us your application documents.

Edinburgh Office

0131 667 2303


London Office

0203 582 8008


Child travelling with one parent only (both parents are holders of UK passport and have the same surname than a child)

  • no additional documents required


Child travelling with one parent only (parent is travelling on a Russian passport and has a different surname than a child)

  • letter of consent  from the other parent confirming the details of the trip, the passport details of the child and that they give their consent for the child to travel
  • copy if child’s  birth certificate  (to confirm parents names)


If the child is  applying for the visa separately from his/her parents he/she is travelling with

  • an additional letter from the parents may be required, confirming the details of the trip


Child travelling with school/youth group

  • letter from the school/organisation which is organising the trip confirming the names of all children travelling and that they have obtained parental permission from the parents of all the children to take them to Russia.  Names must be listed exactly as appear on the passport